Rabu, 22 Juni 2016

Malware Removal Process (TESTED)

Please note that below are All tested by Myself. All malware that explained are collected from the deep web. <(“) Note : 
This is a removal / cure from malware *Malware = virus that hide in some app/program

#26Dec2015 #AMH2015 #Tested Duel with Android malware, I aint expect it can install itself in-ROM with No-Root Option.. sasuga malware Nowadays Best Detection so far by: Dr.web with 14 Day Activation Behavior : install itself and download the other malware friends. Malware Apps Varian : engrik, engriks, ikeyboards, adobeair, txvpn, data-manager v2.00 System Modiffy : /xbin/ /bin/ /data/ I have 3 solution here , you can choose:
  1. Solution Version 1 : 
    1. Just Scan it first with 360 security (Free) and malwarebytes (Free) 
    2. Scan twice , reboot , and scan again,
    3. if after reboot you still have your malware detected, then u need  other solution below.
  2. Solution Version 2:  
    1. go to factory reset, and reset Phone 
    2. or you can try my solution version 2.
  3. Solution Version 3: (Root is a must)
    1. Prepare www.kingroot.net (kingroot.apk)
    2. Root the phone
    3. unistall the bloatware with it (dont empty the recycle, cause malware detect and install again if their child removed).
    4. scan with android antivirus (Dr.web , 360 security, malwarebytes),
    5. try first with malware bytes, then 360 security, then Dr.web (Remember this Scanning Step, dont be too rush).
    6. Repeat the Step “5”,
    7. After that, restart your phone, Rescan with Step “5”.
    8. Goodluck
  4. Solution Version 4
    1. Flashing your ROM , (remember this last solution is your worst case scenario).

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