Minggu, 05 Februari 2017

Electronic Charger Tips

Documentation Files of  Electronic Charger Tips and Issue
for : handphone, laptop, powerbank, etc.

Before buying the new one ?  ( skip this step if you’re rich af )
Go and do some market research.
-> Search the “model” in google / your fav search engine
-> Seek for “Price” at your public market (see in amazon, bukalapak, tokopedia, or etc)

Tips at buying : 
-> Compare the Charger Ports (if it’s fit or not)
-> Buy Only The Same Brand of the Charger cause they will works fine.

Look For its “Output” the Voltage (V) symbol 
****(dont buy different voltage charger, or your phone will “boom” for sure).
example : 19V, then you must buy the exact 19V (no less and no higher)

See the “Output” Ampere (A)  
****(High “A” can make you charge so fast, ).
example : 6A , then you can buy
- i suggest you buy the sampe Ampere, or at least lower 10% of Ampere
- seek more cheaper price ? (MINIMUM) lower 20% of Ampere (MINIMUM), dont dare lower than that, you will get hellish word after take it home.

How to Maintenance : ( lembiru intensive files )
-> Always fan/wind your Electronic Charger (cause of heat)
-> Do not roll around your charger cable by force !!!
-> Do not put it in your bag after use, fan it a while (cause of heat)(unless is urgent)

~ Credits by KG
base on my experience of charger (not L4D)