Minggu, 19 Juni 2016

NVDIA Driver Crash ??? (Solved)

Today we talk more about NVDIA,

You know, most of us doesn't aware about it when our driver get crash and only "intel graphic driver" survived ... ho !!!!!

This is my experience. having PC formated cause NVDIA driver not working.. ahahaha  too damn lame right >_<

Now let me share you some of my solution OwwO.

#1ST Solution

Reinstall your own Nvdia driver / get your own updatemanually through the NVDIA website

#2ND Solution

Reinstall Direct X , 
you might forget install the most latest Direct X for your System ???  Nope , this not.

Some of Direct X version might issuing you when installing a game RIGHT !!!!
as if hahaha. After Restarting your NVDIA get trouble and changed to intel driver survivor ... <(") Wutt.

Ok for this one am not sure why, but for some apps and games that get different Direct X , might get Crash issue !!!

Just Download this (Direct X) from my google drive.
Maybe just version 2005-2007 but this works fine , LOL isnt it @@


PS : remember to restart your PC after each solution.


I might forget another solution, maybe add more in future
Have a nice Day