Selasa, 04 Juli 2017

Error Code 10 (This Device Cannot Start) (SOLVED)

Today i am facing this weird issue, my PC suddenly disconnected from the internet.

Case : This Device Cannot Start - Error Code 10

in my testing here i'm using windows 10.

How to solve this issue ? :
  • First , click windows + R , it will open "run.exe" interface, 
  • Then type there : ncpa.cpl 
  • you will get redirected to your network connection.
  • You will see other internet connection that you dont use is being activated and your normal internet connection is shutdown/disable/ removed from there. 
  • Just turn it to disable (other internet connection that you dont use).
  • Next, go to control panel, and search device manager.
  • see your "network adapters" division
  • disable every network that you dont use ( do not uninstall , just disable it ).
  • click your usual network adapter there, and re-enable it. (if it's fail, then restart your PC ).
  • case solved.

    have a nice day. ~KG