Jumat, 07 April 2017

Docker for windows (BASIC guide)

What is docker ? and why docker ?
one bad day for dev is that "wait, this work in my machine"

So, to prevent that we use docker

Now lets get started.

Okay first you need to install :
here i have 2 version of docker
  1. this one is for windows 10 user :
  2. this one is for those which dont have win 10 as their OS
then you need this one too : git-scm.com 
  • After Instal,  run "Docker Quickstart Terminal.exe"
    just let it clear setup for awhile.
    if you find error Java like this one just skip it. 
  • Now, open "cmd.exe" as administrator
    then type "docker -v" you will see docker version
  • Now we are make an image "docker run hello-world"
    Wait, why error ???
    • dont worry, open your "git" (installed from git-scm.com
    • right click, select "git bash here"
    • try to type this one 
    • > docker-machine start
      > docker-machine env
      > eval "$(docker-machine env default)"
    • For more error, see this thread "docker-cant-connect-to-docker-daemon"
    • Okay now you can make an image "docker run hello-world"
    • To see more container in system type "docker ps -a"

    Wow thats pretty easy right ??? your first hello world with docker :3
    - for more you can browse "docker documentation"

    You can also make a cloud image for free here : "docker cloud"

    Have nice weekends