Minggu, 02 April 2017

7 things you must do when using torrent - Utorrent

7 things you must do when using torrent

Okay, Who doesnt know this green friendly things in 2017 ??

Maybe some of you just using it as default, but dont you think that isn't so efficient.

Today, i will give you 7 trick you must do when using torrent.

  1. Disable the "auto update" from utorrent
    yeah it's so annoying when you open your torrent app and it is installing every single x.x.1 version, (i hope they fix that update system soon and only update when major change not minor).

  2. Distinguish the completed files
    sometimes we are confused how to distinguish completed 100% files from common not 100% complete files. so here we tick "Append .!ut to incomplete files".
  3. Settings the download table
    sometimes we want to know how many percentage the file is and the remaining.
  4. Set your bandwidth priorityyou can set your download priority here , and set the limit of your upload and download.
  5. Shutdown after the download is complete
    not having enough quota and being limited only can download at night ?? no problem, you can try this solution.
  6. Setup your directory
    usually we want to separate the complete torrent from the uncompleted one. you can try to modify this tab menu.
  7. Set limit how many queue for active download
    just modify that maximum number of active download
Thats all for today, enjoy :3