Senin, 12 September 2016

How to direct / make your LAN internet into wifi

Make your bolt modem E5372s as wifi router from PC,
Okay guys, today we talk about how to direct / make your LAN internet connection into wifi,

bolt modem E5372s
in my test here you must have a wifi modem : (any wifi modem is fine)
  1. change your SIM card into other SIM card (that NOT have internet package or pulse )
  2. connect your modem via LAN connection
  3. click windows Logo + R , and type : "ncpa.cpl" (without quotes)
  4. now you see network connection windows
  5. go to your LAN internet connection, 
  6. right click , properties , at top you see "Sharing" tab
  7. choose "allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection"
  8. at "select a private network connection" choose your wifi LAN connection.
  9. then click ok
  10. after that , set your wifi LAN DNS to google DNS for faster connection.
  11. Good Luck ~~

tested with : bolt modem E5372s
bolt modem E5372s