Sabtu, 09 Agustus 2014

Reduce GIF image


Reducing GIF image..

hell yeah.. to insert image GIF to website actually into your forum account, u will need a GIF file that is small but in normal quality

i've a few program for online and offline


just go to this one :
1. insert ur GIF file *
2. wait for it
3. and u will found it in 5 criteria
*max upload is 2 mb
we'll talk about software
so far i've tested 2 software :
  • Trout’s GIF Optimizer
Here is the link :
This converter is full with feature....

I already test it..its awesome..u can choose the optimization to
reduce ur own GIF image size
  • SuperGIF
Here is the link :
this converter really awesome and reliable....

you'll found your GIF image converted in no time with normal quality
dont forget to support the developer ...^^